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We inform you about the most attractive investment opportunities in Turkey. We also guarantee that all the investments you will make are completely safe with our team of lawyers.

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Turkish Citizenship

With the regulation published on 19.09.2018, the financial criteria for acquiring citizenship through investment were reduced; You can apply for…

Residence - Work Permit

For foreigners it’s mandatory to receive a resicdence permit who will stay more than visa, visa exemption or 90 days time period in Turkey.

Establishment of a Company

If you want to establish a capital or an individual company in Turkey, the whole installation process is completed within 1 week by our team.

Company Due Diligence

Financial Structure Reviewi, Sector Analysis, Arrangement of Organizational Structure, Working Capital Analysis

Real Estate Services

In addition to providing consultancy services to property owners and investors on the transfer and management of property and project development…

Company Mergers and Acquisitions

Negotiation and preparation of merger-acquisition agreements, Approval of the Competition Authority and regulatory authorities, Mandatory payment purchase offer.