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Citizenship through investment in Turkey | Att. Kerim Altıntaş (07/30/19)

MÜSİAD Vice President Av. Kerim Altıntaş was the guest of the Sözüm Var program. Can investment by foreign investors bought citizenship in Turkey? If applicable, how much should I pay? Can only citizenship be purchased with money? How many people chose this path in 2018, how many people managed to become citizens? Kerim Altintas answered all these questions on Ekoturk TV. This special broadcast is with you on Ekotürk Youtube channel.

Citizenship through investment in Turkey | Att. Kerim Altıntaş (08/11/19)

Our founder Av. Kerim Altıntaş was the current guest of the NTV Real Estate Sector program. We evaluated the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

Be a Citizen of Turkey through investment?

Opportunities for foreigners to invest more in our country with the laws enacted in 2010.

What is a Foreign Investment?

Purchase of Real Estate.
Investment in Money.
Company set up.

2018 Law Revision

-In 2010, the investment limit, which was determined as 1 million dollars, was reorganized with the report we submitted in 2018 and revised to 250.000 USD.

– 3.000.000 USD bank legislation was reduced to 500.000 USD.

– Employment limit of 100 people was reduced to 50.

Increased investment with this revision.

Most preferred investment ways?

The most used investment tool in the real estate industry.

How many people became Turkish citizens by this way?

971 foreign investors became Turkish citizens with this method.


Arab journalists are welcome in our program we have breakfast investment opportunities in Turkey and our founder Karim Altintas arrangements and answered questions about the new citizenship.