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Advantages to be gained through a single investment in Turkish Citizenship by investment;

  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship not only for yourself but also for your spouse and children under 18,
  • Visa free travel for 148 countries, having a 10 year validity Turkish passport,
  • Ownership of one of the most important 30 passports in the world,
  • Full free medical services for life for all family members inluded,
  • Being a citizen of a country using the most advanced medical techniques in the world,
  • Having allowed dual citizenship,
  • Benefiting from free education services,
  • A safe and healthy life in a country with one of the most beautiful climates in the world,
  • Discovering amazing natural beauties and a cuisine that will challenge firsts in its unique flavor ranking,
  • Ease of trade with the Gulf countries,


While countries like Italy, Spain, England, Germany and France lost 39 to 49 days from the day they detected the first coronavirus case, to make a vacation at schools and universities, Turkey made this decision one day after the first coronavirus case.  While the decision of temporary closure of public places which people were being in collectively  was also taken 4 days after the first case found in Turkey, above mentioned countries lost 41 to 50 days to make such a decision. Examples can be multiplied, Turkey’s act was seen earlier in the period up to 2 months than European countries on precautions as the banning of public events, travel restrictions, etc.

One out of every 7 cases detected so far in Belgium has died. This rate is one in 8 in Italy and the UK. One in every 9 cases in Holland and France, and one in every 10 cases in Spain has died. Of course, there are successful examples in Europe. To this day, while one of every 34 cases in Germany and one of every 35 cases in Austria died, but again in Turkey one of every 45 patients died. Case/death ratio in Turkey is many times better than most of the European countries and it shows that Turkey is not only successfull in the perspective of precautions  but also performing very well in the terms of treatment.

Turkey is a model country which 88 countries wanted its help in the fight against the epidemic so far. It is a country that can send aircrafts full of virus-protective equipment and medical supplies to the USA from the Balkans, from Italy to Spain. Turkey’s success, with thousands of intensive care units and increasing number of city hospitals, domestic production ventilators and protective equipment, domestic vaccine production efforts, more than 40 thousand daily tests, comprehensive measures taken as soon as the first case in the country, is undeniable.

Turkey is the only country in the world to serve air ambulance to its COVID-19 diagnosed citizens for free. Turkey has been given the air ambulance service since 2008. It is the only state that offers this service free of charge and with its own resources. In 2020 alone, 453 patients were transported by air ambulance and 211 patients by plane ambulance.

Coronavirus Science Board was established in Turkey on 10 January which is long before the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 as pandemic. On duration of Coronavirus in Turkey, computed tomography devices’ numbers are increased and it became much more than the total number Europe has. In this period of time, city hospitals were put into service in 11 provinces, and construction of 10 city hospitals is ongoing.

All the information mentioned above was also reflected in the world press; how Turkey’s health services are ahead of USA and Europe has also become certain with the publications of foreign news sources such as the BBC, etc.

As a result, everyone who is a Turkish citizen benefits from the same advanced health care, knows its country will help them in all kinds of difficult situation and with this sense of trust he/she lives a life of prosperity.

Considering all these reasons, being a citizen of a country which is able to provide strong medical services worldwide, with an economy in the world’s top 10 economies will only allow that citizen to have advantages

Invest in Turkey, have Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport easily !

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