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Residence Permit:

Residence permit is the document which is issued by the competent authorities and provides the right to live for a certain time in a certain place of the Turkish Republic. For the foreigners who will stay in the country with more than visa or visa exemption or more than 90 days it’s mandatory to receive a residence permit. Foreigners who have the residence permit has legally right to live in Turkey.  There are different types of residence permit; such as family residence, student residence or short term residence. For different types of residence permits also different criterias are sought from foreigners.

Types of Residence Permit

Oturma (İkamet) İzni:

Türkiye’de belirli bir yerde belirli bir süre yaşama hakkı sağlayan ve yetkili makamlar tarafından verilen izin belgelerine ülkemizde ikamet izni adı verilir. Türkiye’de, vizenin veya vize muafiyetinin tanıdığı süreden ya da doksan günden fazla kalacak yabancıların ikamet izni almaları zorunludur. Bu belgeye sahip olan bir yabancı, oturma izni aldığı süre boyunca Türkiye’de yasal olarak yaşama hakkına sahip olur. Türkiye’de kısa dönem, öğrenci, aile, uzun dönem ve insani ikamet izni çeşitleri vardır ve başvurular göç idaresine online olarak internet üzerinden yapılır. Farklı ikamet izni türleri için yabancılardan farklı kriterler aranmakta ve gereken izinler bu kriterlere göre verilmektedir.

Family Residence Permit

Family residence permit are given to foreign spouses, minor or dependent foreign children, secondary protection holders, refugees and those who have lost their Turkish nationality in accordance with Article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Law. On receipt of a residence permit “supportive person of the family ” may be Turkish citizens, a foreigner who has a residence permit in Turkey, a refugee or a person who has subsidiary protection status.

Family residence permit is granted for a maximum of two years in each application. Married couples must be over 18 years of age. In case of marriage with more than one spouse, only one spouse can apply for a family residence permit. However, a family residence permit can be issued for children from other spouses. In addition, parents of children outside Turkey if the residence permit application is required the consent of the mother or father with joint custody.

Short-Term Residence Permit

Application for short term residence permit; can be made by foreigners who have the accommodation conditions according to the following development purposes;

In order to future research in Turkey

immovable property located in Turkey

Establish a business connection or business

Participate in in-service training programs

agreements of the Republic of Turkey or the future through training or other purposes in the framework of student exchange programs


They will be treated on condition that they do not carry one of the diseases that are considered as a threat to public health.

Depending on the demand or the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities should remain in Turkey

Short-term residence permits from family residence permit

Participate in Turkish learning courses education in Turkey through public institutions, research, and participate in internships and courses

The completed application within six months from the date of graduation from high school in Turkey

Working in Turkey but with scope to be determined by the President and will invest the amount of their foreign spouse and minor or dependent foreign child of his wife citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Short term residence permit is granted for a maximum period of two years at the first application. Foreign applicants must have at least sixty days’ passport or passport substitute documents from the end of the period of residence permit requested. In addition, there is no restriction on the length of stay for short-term residence permit holders.

Student Residence Permit: 

Application for student residence permit; institutions in Turkey due to high degree, master’s and it can be done by enrolling in undergraduate programs for foreign students. Foreign students must apply for a residence permit within one month followed by the arrival in Turkey.

Foreign students enrolled in universities can obtain a residence permit to cover the entire duration of their education. The duration of the student residence permit cannot be more than the duration of the study of the foreign student applying for a residence permit. In addition, undergraduate, graduate and PhD students who have a student residence permit are able to work directly by taking work permits. However, the student residence permit does not provide any rights to the student’s parents and other relatives to obtain a residence permit.

Long-Term Residence Permit:

A valid residence permit who have continuous residence for at least eight years or permission of Migration Policies in Turkey are entitled to a long-term residence permit. But in our country, refugees, conditional refugee status, humanitarian residence permits and foreigners who are under temporary protection cannot apply for long-term residence permit. In addition, the following conditions must be met in order to apply for a long-term residence permit; 

No social assistance within the last three years
Have an adequate and regular income source to support himself or his family
To have the current health insurance
No threat to public order or public security