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Work permit

Foreigner dependent on contractual services in Turkey or before starting to work independently on its own behalf must obtain a permit. In cases where the interests of the country require or due to force majeure, the work permit may be given after the work permit has been given by providing the relevant authority with information before the start of the work and with the approval of the Ministry. 

Types of Work Permit

1. Work Permit (With Term):

Turkey is a party in the bilateral or multilateral agreement, unless otherwise provided; taking into account the situation in the labor market, developments in the working life, changes in the sectoral and economic conjuncture related to employment, the duration of the residence permit of the foreigner and the duration of the employment contract or work will be given for a period of 1 (one) year to work in a certain enterprise and a certain profession.

Extension of time:

After one year of legal work, the period of work permit may be extended up to 3 (three) years to work in the same workplace or enterprise and in the same profession.

At the end of the three-year legal working period, the period of work permit may be extended up to 6 (six) years to work in the same profession and with the employer of his choice.

Spouse and Children:

Along with an incoming foreigners to work in Turkey or later it has brought that spouses and dependents that children at least with foreign itself five (5) years, provided that they have legal and continuous residence-term work permit can be issued.

2. Work Permit (Without Term):

Turkey is a party in the bilateral or multilateral agreement, unless otherwise provided;

Long-term residence permit

In Turkey, at least 8 (eight) years with a residence permit who have stayed on,

Foreigners who have at least 8 (eight) years of legal work,

Work permits may be granted indefinitely without taking into consideration the situation in the labor market and developments in the working life and without being limited to a specific business, profession, property or geographical area.

3. Independent Work Permit

in Turkey to foreigners who will work independently at least 5 (five) years that they have resided legally and continuously, to create added value in terms of economic development and administered with the proviso that their work will have a positive impact on employment.

Other Documents Required for Independent Work Permit:

It may also be requested to send documents to the Ministry proving that the activity of the foreigner will contribute to the national economy and that the foreigner has sufficient income for the activity to be carried out.

Independent Work Permit Application Certificate:

Yabancı Independent Work Permit Application Document ilişkin is given to the foreigner, who is eligible to be granted an independent work permit, to be able to work independently. The independent work permit is valid for a period of ay three months itibaren from the date of issue.

Issue of the document:

If a foreigner submits the trade registry to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security after establishing his / her establishment, he / she may be granted an independent work permit.

4. Exceptional Work Permit:

Exceptional work permit, which Turkey is a party, unless otherwise provided in bilateral or multilateral agreements, to people who have certain qualifications, is subject to the statutory period without work permits. Foreigners in this scope are:

Who is married to a Turkish citizen and living in Turkey in the union of marriage with his wife,

Marriage with a Turkish citizen for at least three (3) foreigners who have settled in Turkey but ended after take years and their children who are Turkish citizens from wives,

Born in Turkey according to its national law or come to Turkey before reaching their majority and where vocational school, college or foreigners who have graduated from university,

Foreigners who are regarded as immigrants, refugees or nomads,

Citizens of the European Union member countries and their spouses and children,

Embassies, consulates and their spouses and children who are appointed by representatives of international organizations in Turkey,

Short-term arrivals for scientific, cultural and sporting purposes,

Foreigners in the nature of key personnel to be employed by the Ministries and public institutions and organizations,

Conditional Refugees

5. Turquoise Card

In line with international labor policy; level of education, professional experience, science and technology contribution of the operations in Turkey or investing in the country’s economy and its effect on employment with the International Labor Policy Advisory Board Turquoise Card is granted to foreigners who approved the application in accordance with the procedures and principles suggestions and determined by the Ministry.

The transition process for the turquoise card is three years and it has a scoring system. Foreigners who regularly submit their first three-year reports and maintain and upgrade their points will have Turkuaz cards indefinitely, these foreigners can apply for Turkish citizenship after +2 years, and the Council of Ministers approves their Turkish citizenship applications.