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Sectors you should invest in Turkey


In recent years, Turkey began to give great importance to technology-based research and development. Today’s Turkey provide great amenities to the investors in the field of technology.


Construction and real estate sectors are the most important sectors that keep the Turkish economy alive due to increasing population and urban renewal projects across the country.Therefore we can say that the construction and real estate sectors will be in the position of attraction to investors for a long time.


Turkey’s textile and apparel industry offers quality, rich in raw material resources also responds to specific demands. The state has offer many advantages and flexibilities to the investors.

Some new incentives were also offered to those who would invest in textile sector in addition to the existing incentives. Accordingly, many additional incentives will be given to the investments to be made in textile sector especially in the Eastern provinces of the country.


The biggest reason to give great importance to Turkey’s energy sector is the presence of this deficit. Therefore, it can be understood from the comprehensive incentives it provides to investors who will invest in this field. Some of the incentives available to investors in the fields of hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas, bioenergy and geothermal energy are as follows;

– VAT Exemption

– Customs Exemption

– Tax Discount (40%)

– SGK Premium Employer’s Share (7 Years)

– Interest Support